K-8: 8 Week Summer School Intensive Program

K-8 Intensive Summer Program for Promotion to Next Grade Level:

This program is intended for the K-8 students to attend an intensive Summer School Program with Orion.  The focus of the program is:

  • Math
  • Science
  • Language Arts
  • Social Studies

Upon successful completion of the program (a 70 or better in each course), Orion will promote the student to the next grade level.  In order to to participate in this program:

  1. You must withdraw from your current school OR, get permission from your school to attend our intensive program, while still being enrolled there.
  2. You MUST be enrolled in our program for two full months:  June, July, Part of August (See Calendar Below)
  3. You MUST earn a passing grade in each of the course areas above.
  4. You will withdraw at the end of the program, and we will transfer your promotion and records back to your school.

Other Requrements:

Attend class on Zoom during the following times (All Times Are Central):

  • 1:00 PM-Math
  • 2:00 PM Science
  • 3:00 PM Social Studies
  • 4:00 PM Science

REQUIRED Zoom Sessions are Mondays and Thursdays; Tuesdays, Wedensdays, Fridays are OPTIONAL

Attendance is taken during REQUIRED sessions.  3 Absences will constitute removal from the program.

Laptop with Zoom enabled is required.  Cameras must be on during class, and students must be proficient in using Google Docs or Microsoft Office.  For Math, students will be required to scan homework and submit it.

Intensive Program Calendar:

June  July August
June 1-Courses Open Month 2 Month 3

Required Sessions:

June 3, 6

June 10, 13

June 17, 20

June 24, 27


Required Sessions:

July 1, 4

July 8, 11

July 15, 18

July 29

Required Sessions:

August 1

Last day of class:

August 12


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* Name and Address of the School Where Your Transcript Will Be Sent (Home School Name for Home School):

9-12: 8 Week Summer School Intensive Program

9-12 Intensive Summer Program

This program is for students who want to enroll at Orion High School and complete high school only.  All others may take separate Credit Transfer Courses fround in the store.  The focus on the Intensive Summer Program is to provide the OPPORTUNITY for students in grades 9-12 to complete the necessary courses to graduate from high school.  That means, you will need to withdraw from your current high school, and enroll here, through this program. To be eligible for our 9-12 Intensive Program, you must meet all of the requirements for graduation under EITHER the Foundation Pathway OR the Minimum Pathway, and only lack 4-5 courses to graduate.  All other requirements are below.  If you meet ALL of the credits to graduate, please note that you are still going to be REQUIRED to take 4-5 courses with us to meet what is called our Diploma Eligibility Requirement.  That Diploma Eligibility Requirement means that a transfer students MUST take a MINIMUM of 4-5 courses with Orion High School, regardless of the total amount of credits currently held, in order for our school to qualify you for graduation.  Please see additional requirements below.

Additional Requirements:

  • Enroll by April  30, to start May 1
  • Attend Zoom Orientation on May 1, 2024 at 5:30 PM Central Time
  • Be continuously enrolled from May 1 until July 31
  • Your graduation date will be August 1
  • You must pass all of your courses, no exceptions.
  • Be able to do your work on a laptop or desktop computer NOT on your phone.
  • Have a steady, reliable, Internet Connection wherever you are working.
  • Attend your personal meeting with your mentor twice weekly, no exceptions.  This is your attendance requirement for the program.
  • Failure to do so will require you to be removed from our program.

Please note, that payment for our Intensive Summer Program does not guarantee that you will graduate from high school, it only provides you with the opportunity for you to meet our requirements for graduation within a reasonable time period, and within our policies.




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