Learners at Orion High School, who complete a course of study in at least 3 credits of courses offered in a concentrated area, become endorsed in that area of study. Being endorsed in an area of study means that the learner graduates with skills within that area and sometimes even a pathway toward certification in that area. Endorsements come in four levels:OrionCTE.gif

Learners seeking endorsement in a particular area must complete at least 3 levels in the area of study,. The completion of the 4th level will qualify a learner as "Fully Endorsed", and will include a Practicum that has been completed in that area of study.

Learners will select an area for endorsement during the time they enter into Orion High School, and at the advising session of the Orientation and Induction, and/or during end of grade level planning meetings.

Each endorsement area course is a required pre-requisite for the other.  Learners may not take any of the courses at the same time nor may the second course be started while the pre-requisite course is still in progress.  For that reason, learners should plan their year accordingly.

Additional Endorsement that May Be Earned

World Languages Endorsement:  Learners may receive an endorsement in World Languages by completing 3 levels of language, and 2 levels of a different language.

Fine Arts Endorsement:  Learners may receive a find arts endorsement by taking any 3 courses from fine arts. See adviser and see course catalog for offerings in the arts.