The AP Capstone Diploma/Honors Pathway
This graduation pathway requires 26 credits to complete. Learners graduating under this pathway may also earn the AP Capstone Diploma certificate by participating in Seminar and Research. Learners may also participate in Dual Credit as part of this pathway.
The Foundation Pathway
In the Foundation Pathway learners will earn 26 credits in order to qualify for graduation. Learners in this Pathway complete a Senior Project at the end, and may also take Dual Credit courses.
The Minimum Pathway
In the Minimum Pathway, some qualified learners may qualify for graduation with 22 credits. The Pathway qualifies the learner for graduation and does not limit entrance into post-secondary institutions. Prior to enrollment, you will want to speak with Dr. Gallegos
Credit Transfer
Credit Transfer courses may be taken any time at Orion, including during Summer. Look for specials during our three Summer Sessions! Courses begin on the 1st day of the month after enrollment, which gives you time to complete our Orientation session prior to the start date.
Dual Credit
Earn dual credit while studying full time at Orion High School, or through Credit Transfer as well! We have three universities, McMurray University (Texas), Jacksonville University (Florida), and University of St. Katherine (California), who are our dual credit partners.
K-5 At Orion
Kindergarten through Fifth grade learners are on a traditional school calendar, 180 days of school. A certified teachers guides the parent and child through the grade level. Learners engage in Language Arts, Phonics at the early grades, Math, Science, and Social Studies, as well as learning Spanish. Parents and learners participate in arts and in physical activity and church in their communities. Parents provide the structure at home and we provide the rest. Books are included in tuition.
6-8 At Orion
Learners in grades 6-8 are on high school schedule. 6-8 learners take language arts, math, science, social studies, and two electives that can be foreign language for high school credit, or productivity/presenting courses to get better at their weekly meetings. Enroll any time, and once you complete Orientation, you will start your first course on the 1st day of the month!
Partnerships for Success
Orion High School partners with organizations and schools whose philosophy and vision is about learner success, including graduation. Work with us to help your students succeed!
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Explore & Enroll

Explore and Enroll

Grade K-5
Engage in K-5 learning in a Christian digital environment, with our qualified mentors.
Grades 6-8
Let your focus remain on school in the middle grades!  Offering an Honor track and a Regular track for your 6th, 7th, or 8th Grader.
Grades 9-12
Experience endless opportunities with a robust course catalog of courses approved for your path: Advanced International Studies (A and AS Levels), Honors/APĀ® Pathway, General Pathway, and Mimum Pathway for qualifying learners.
Credit Transfer
Take an individual course or two to free up your schedule this year at your current school.  Take Credit Recovery any time, including during the summer!

16 Years and Going Strong!

100% Online, Accredited, Affordable.

Only at Orion High School

At our school, every learner is considered as an individual that deserves access to a high quality, flexible way to learn content in a rich, supportive online environment. By posing rigorous, challenging content in a meaningful way, our course content allows each individual learner to facilitate their own active learning. It is our mission to help learners achieve high school graduation and to produce high-performing individuals who excel no matter what they choose to do in life.

Marta 2021

  • Accredited & Recognized
    Continuously accredited since 2010 by Middle States, ACTS, and Cognia, all members of the Texas Private Schools Accreditation Commission.
  • Over 250 Course Options
    We offer over 250 courses spanning across a rigorous curriculum. From independent study courses, to AP and dual-credit options, we have a course for every learner.
  • Flexible Open Enrollment
    Our unique course structure allows us the option to offer a true open enrollment. Enroll anytime and begin working towards your diploma!
  • Supportive Environment
    Each learner has access to a personalized graduation plan which is tailored to their needs by their dedicated adviser. Each course requires one-on-one mentoring that is provided to learners so that each receives a truly individualized education.

Explore and Enroll

Orion's Learners receive Individualized, Personal Instruction & Guidance the Entire Way to Graduation.

Our learners are recognized as unique individuals and receive direct, individualized instruction as they are guided through interactive, engaging, purposeful curriculum in our proprietary courses. Unlike other schools, we have built each course to meet the needs our our diverse learners rather than purchase a third-party curriculum.

With continuous enrollment, full-time learners can start anytime to continue or complete the education they've started. Part-time learners can take advantage of credit-recovery, summer school enrichment, and credit-advancement opportunities to enhance their education while at their current school.

Whether enrolling full-time or part-time, Orion was developed and is operated by experienced educators dedicated to supporting each learner to achieve successful results. Orion gives learners the skills they need to achieve their unique goals and to excel after graduation as a graduate in college, a trade school, the military, performing arts, athletics, and the workforce. Whether a course is not available at their school, or other factors are preventing them from completing a successful education, Orion's flexibility and support is a solution for parents, students, schools, and organizations seeking a high quality education.

Enrolling is simple, and working with your dedicated Admissions Coordinator will show you the difference at Orion High School.