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Middle grades at Orion High School consists of grades 6, 7, and 8.  Learners in grades 6-8 that enroll full-time at Orion High School login and complete their coursework at Orion High School. Like their high school peers, 6-8 grade Learners are assigned a certified teacher/mentor for each course. Orion Middle School learners progress through four core courses and one elective each grade level at Orion Middle School. After successfully completing the 8th grade, learners are promoted to the 9th grade at Orion High School.

 As you will see below, it is possible to complete a grade level in as little as six months.  Because that that, we offer the following tuition options for the middle grades:

  • Option 1 - $315.00 per month - Monthly Tuition, for a minimum of six months.
  • Option 2 -$1417.50 - Tuition for the grade level (covers 6 months, plus the seventh month is free to give the learner enough time to finish all requirements).  If the learner has not completed the requirements at the end of the 7th month, you may revert to monthly tuition at $315.00 until completed.


 6th Grade Curriculum

Sixth grade learners take mathematics, social studies (emphasis is on ancient World History); science (emphasis is on physical science), and language arts (novels:  Anne of Green Gables, Summer of the Swans, Best School Year Ever, The Secret Garden). Learners will also participate in one elective course, as well as will study the Old Testament.

7th Grade Courses

Seventh grade learners take mathematics, social studies (emphasis is on early USA History), language arts (novels: Little Women, Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, Of Mice and Men, To Kill a Mockingbird, and science (emphasis is on life science). Learners will also participate in one elective course, as well as will study the Old Testament.

8th Grade Courses

Eighth grade learners take pre-algebra, science (emphasis on Earth science), social studies (emphasis on Civics and Government), and language arts (novels:  Pride & Prejudice, Robinson Crusoe, The Old Man and the Sea, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings). Learners may take a high school language course for elective credit, and will study the Old Testament as well.

Elective Requirement Choices

At the end of each cluster of core courses, middle school learners must complete an elective course for credit. The learner may select from Keyboard, Document Handling, or any World Language course at Orion High School. If the learner successfully completes a World Language course they will earn credit towards their high school coursework.

Progressing Through the Grade Levels

A typical progression/schedule for Middle School is as follows:

MS Progression 2018

In the progression/example, above, a Middle School Learner starting during the month will start with one subject, then will pick up the second subject during the second month; meanwhile during the second month, the first subject is ending; the cycle continues until the fifth month, which is the last month of the grade level. It takes as little as five months to complete a middle school grade level at Orion. In the progression/example above, the learner has NOT required an extension in any course-that is, each course was finished in the two months allocated for the course.  In the progression/example above, the learner has NOT taken leave of absence.  When extensions and/or leave of absence are taken, that will extend the time in the grade level.

The five months do not have to be continuous.  Parents can request Leave of Absence for one month (often this occurs during the month of December), then the Learner can resume with the next group of courses.  Please note, however, that Leave of Absence is NOT approved DURING the time a course is in session.

Learners needing additional time can be approved for an additional one month extension, by filling out the Extension Request Form, found in the Orion High School Learner Center.

Learners at the Middle School may watch the High School Orientation Video to get a good idea about working through the courses.  Learners may also attend the Orientation Session (attending is not required).


What is a day in the life of a middle school online learner?  That's a great question!  That's one we are asked when learners start with us.  A typical day in the life of an Orion Middle School Learner is:

  • Log in to Orion
  • Update my status in the Orion Social Area (attendance check in)
  • Read Old Testament, and keep log to turn in at the end of the year
  • Go to my course or courses
  • Check announcements or discussion folders.
  • View or review the module.
  • Go to the assignments folder, and work on the assignments for the module-there are often multiple assignments per module. At this point in your day, you will likely go offline to work.
  • Go back online to submit and/or upload my work.
  • Message my mentor to let him or her know that I have submitted work.
  • Schedule my weekly meeting with my mentor.
  • Go back to review the module or to work on additional assignments.

The sample module below, is just that-a sample.  We have removed some of our information to protect our own resources; however, this module is representative of the type of information a learner will find in a course.  All Orion courses are divided by modules.  A module represents a set of ideas that a learner must know and be able to do.  The homework and assignments folder is the place where the learner submits work that is representative of his knowledge of the module.  Most courses contain up to 10 modules. The module is not representative of the interaction that occurs between the learner and the mentor during the weekly meeting.  Weekly meetings are intended for learners to communicate knowledge to the mentor via a presentation, demonstration, or conversation.

view sample module


Welcome to Orion High School!

Please contact us at (877) 647-1337 if you are unable to login and have tried to recover your account.