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Orion Partners with Others Who Care

Through the years, Orion has sought out partners across the USA, not as business partners, but as partners who care about the well-being of young people, and young adults.  We have found, and have had long-standing success with our partners.  Some of the most notable:

  • Camden County High School - In St. Marys, Georgia, is a vast, beautiful high school, full of great teachers, great students, caring administrators, and legendary tradition.  Through the past years, Orion High School has worked closely with CCHS to concurrently enroll, and eventually graduate students from CCHS who may never have graduated from high school, if it had not been for our partnership.  Through our partnership, CCHS students take additional math, science, language arts, social studies, or other elective credits at Orion High School, while at the same time being enrolled at CCHS.  What's so interesting about that?  Many of our students in the partnership have had difficulty passing one or more sections of the Georgia End of Course Assessments.  Through our partnership we help students prepare for another assessment day, or we allow them to smoothly transition to Orion High School to graduate.  Through this partnership, Orion has successfully graduated many students, and has helped with the transition into college.  None of these students would be able to access Orion High School, if it were not for the CCHS Counselors, CCHS Graduation Specialist, CCHS Principal, and other community benefactors who contribute to the tuition for transition.
  • Southern Dreams of Mississippi - Melvin Anderson and his organization, Southern Dreams, has been helping Mississippi students get into Orion High School and graduate!  Orion High School held a graduation ceremony this year at the campus of Alcorn State University, in Mississippi, where close to 40 recovered dropouts received their high school diploma from Orion High School.  Southern Dreams is set to continue across the Southern United States, and will provide opportunities to adults.

How We Partner

Those who have sought to partner with us have done so through a simple phone call about our school.  In some cases, we create a formalized partnership through a Memorandum of Understanding; however, our choice is to create a network of Partners Who Care - that is, partners who share a similar vision of Empowering Learning and Renewing Hope.  Those words make up the slogan of our school, and the Founder's vision of Renewing Hope in one's education, and Empowering Learning, by instilling in disconnected learners, a sense of empowerment through knowledge and education - and ultimately earning a high school diploma through our network.  So, if you choose to be in our network, we simply request an opening phone call to Dr. Gallegos to begin the dialogue, and to share our visions of what we each hope to accomplish through those partnerships 

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