About Us

Our Schools

Orion Online Learning is home to Orion High School, which is a single-digital-campus school, accredited to served students in grades 6-12 and Adults.   Orion High School, opened in 2007, brought a new way of learning to high school students across the nation.

In late 2011, Orion Online Learning purchased the trademarks for the Alaska Virtual School, Arizona Virtual School, Hawaii Virtual School, and Oklahoma Virtual School from Illuminated Learning. By purchasing these trademarks, Orion has reached learners across the states of Texas, Alaska, Arizona, Hawaii, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Virginia, California, and even reached out internationally to Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Egypt, and more.  Orion High School does not operate the virtual schools as anything other than landing pages for potential customers to gain information about enrollment into Orion High School.

Soon, Orion Online Learning will be opening the new South Africa Virtual School, together with colleagues in South Africa to continue Orion's mission to provide an exceptional education to all learners, regardless of their past history in education.

Our Partnerships

Orion Online Learning, in addition to our schools, has formed partnerships with various districts and organizations to further help achieve our mission. Some of our partners include Southern Dreams Youth of Port Gibson, Mississippi, Camden County High School of Kingsland, Georgia, and Journey Flexible Learning of Amarillo, Texas. Orion has also had a hand in digitizing the learning of schools districts and helping them create a new learning space such as the Hallsville Virtual School School at Hallsville Independent School District in Hallsville, Texas.

Our Success

In addition to our schools and partnerships, Orion provides dropout recovery programs, Pharmacy Technician, and credit-transfer programs. Orion has recovered over 1,500 dropouts and continues to work to increase that number. Orion sees potential in all learners and believes all learners have the ability to learn, create, and succeed in school and life with the proper support. It is indisputable that many dropouts that cannot meet passing standards on state graduation exams, they are nonetheless intelligent, driven, and a positive force in society. Orion is proud that 99% of our recovered dropouts continue to college with their diplomas.