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About Orion Empowering Learning. Renewing Hope.

Who We Are

Our Mission

As the premier online high school in the country, we are helping students achieve their goals of high school graduation and beyond by producing students who are high performers no matter what they choose to do in life.

Our Vision

Empowering Learning. Renewing Hope. As a simple slogan and vision, these four words espouse the founder's vision of empowering individuals to take charge of their own learning, while renewing hope in the promise of education. Simple, but powerful.

Our Core Beliefs

Our Core Beliefs drive everything we do at Orion High School. These are our beliefs:


  • Orion believes that all learners, regardless of their past history with education, deserve a high quality, flexible way to learn content in a rich, supportive, online environment.
  • Orion believes that learning is active and not passive. That online content can be rigorous and challenging, but can help learners exceed their own expectations for learning.
  • Orion believes that content is not departmental - content must be integrated to be meaningful - to provide meaningful learning for learners.
  • Orion believes that improvement is continuous and that Orion's existence is critical for learners who need to be challenged and need to be provided with the support necessary to be part of a high performing world outside of Orion.

More Information

What We Do

and Who We Help


Orion High School is a private school but also a partner for homeschoolers, community organizations, and other schools. We believe in collaboration to bring the best content to the future.

  • Grades 6-12 can enroll full-time at Orion High School to complete their high school education or part-time to reattempt a course they did not earn credit for or advance themselves for the upcomming school year.
  • Adults can enroll full-time at Orion High School to complete their high school education by earning an accredited diploma on one of two pathways, or by completing a set of study skill courses that will prepare them for tests such as the GED or HiSET.
  • Homeschoolers can enroll part-time at Orion High School to complete individual courses to supplement their own curriculum, or work with Orion to develop a custom curriculum to meet their needs.
  • Schools and Community Partners can provide unique opportunities to their students through a custom virtual school, access to credit-recovery, credit-by-exam, and more.

More Information

Our Schools

Orion Online Learning is home to Orion High School, which is a single-digital-campus school, accredited to served students in grades 6-12 and Adults.   Orion High School, opened in 2007, brought a new way of learning to high school students across the nation.

In late 2011, Orion Online Learning purchased the trademarks for the Alaska Virtual School, Arizona Virtual School, Hawaii Virtual School, and Oklahoma Virtual School from Illuminated Learning. By purchasing these trademarks, Orion has reached learners across the states of Texas, Alaska, Arizona, Hawaii, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Virginia, California, and even reached out internationally to Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Egypt, and more.  Orion High School does not operate the virtual schools as anything other than landing pages for potential customers to gain information about enrollment into Orion High School.

Soon, Orion Online Learning will be opening the new South Africa Virtual School, together with colleagues in South Africa to continue Orion's mission to provide an exceptional education to all learners, regardless of their past history in education.

Our Partnerships

Orion Online Learning, in addition to our schools, has formed partnerships with various districts and organizations to further help achieve our mission. Some of our partners include Southern Dreams Youth of Port Gibson, Mississippi, Camden County High School of Kingsland, Georgia, and Journey Flexible Learning of Amarillo, Texas. Orion has also had a hand in digitizing the learning of schools districts and helping them create a new learning space such as the Hallsville Virtual School School at Hallsville Independent School District in Hallsville, Texas.

Our Success

In addition to our schools and partnerships, Orion provides dropout recovery programs, Pharmacy Technician, and credit-transfer programs. Orion has recovered over 1,500 dropouts and continues to work to increase that number. Orion sees potential in all learners and believes all learners have the ability to learn, create, and succeed in school and life with the proper support. It is indisputable that many dropouts that cannot meet passing standards on state graduation exams, they are nonetheless intelligent, driven, and a positive force in society. Orion is proud that 99% of our recovered dropouts continue to college with their diplomas.


Welcome from Our Founder/CEO

Hi, and welcome to Orion High School.  We are about to embark on our 10th year as a pioneering digital school, founded on the sound principles of mentoring and learning.  Since our early days, we saw the need for flexible, high quality digital learning, that would enable learners to truly engage in flexible while being guided by a certified, competent professional teacher - we call them mentors.  Our strategy for success has always been a one-on-one approach to learning - meaning that we truly believe that learning has no bounds; and that learners can engage in learning conversations with their mentors, through a structured one-on-one approach through that learning.  To that end, we remember utilizing web technologies in those early days - many of those are still around today; however, we believe we revolutionized the use of learner engagement, and, to this day, we stay focused on the engagement of our learners through their own progression of learning and understanding.  You may notice our core beliefs in another section of our site - those beliefs that still hold true to us, and that guide our work as digital learning continues to emerge in this field.

While many digital schools claim to provide high quality flexible learning, at Orion, we engage and immerse ourselves in a deep understanding of content standards, and we create the content that aligns to those standards.  Through the years, and through our content revision process (based on the premise that we must continue to improve - see Baldrige Quality Principles), we are able to be pioneers in how we construct pedagogically sound modules (units for learning), that are truly engaging.  Our newest endeavor is in the creation of what we call learning tasks.  Learning tasks require our learners to engage deeper in their own understanding of content and concepts, and then require them to complete a self-designed task that allows them to show that understanding. 

The task(s) are presented to the mentor during the structured weekly meeting.  Engagement, though, goes beyond the weekly meeting - it goes into the course room, where learners must engage with the mentor in a structured discussion; with other learners in threaded understandings and common projects for learning; and in consistent communication through our various state of the art modalities inside of our school.

We are proud of so much that we have accomplished these past (almost) ten years.  We invite you to be part of what we have always called our Online Learning Community.  We look forward to seeing you in our Community, and in our course rooms.  Come engage with us in the highest quality learning, that continues to get better and better as the months progress.

Our Accreditations, Memberships, and Approvals

It is important to know that Orion is not a "homeschool" program. Orion High School is a fully accredited private school, accredited to serve learners in grades 6-12 and Adult learners. We are accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, nationally, and internationally by AdvancED, as well as the Texas Private School Accreditation Commission.


Southern Association of Colleges and Schools / AdvancED

Orion is accredited both regionally, by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, and internationally, directly through Advanced Education or AdvancED (the parent company of SACS CASI). With this accreditation, Orion's graduates are able to seamlessly apply and enter accredited colleges and universities both nationally and internationally. Our graduates have been accepted to colleges and universities in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia. Our graduates are also able to apply for financial aid and other federal grants since we hold this accreditation. To view our school in the AdvancED International Registry of Accredited Schools, click here.

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Better Business Bureau

Orion Online Learning, Inc. is accredited by the Better Business Bureau.  BBB Accreditation and reports may be viewed by clicking here.

Click for the BBB Business Review of this Schools - Academic - Special Education in Midland TX

Texas Private School Accreditation Commission

Orion is accredited by the Texas Private Schools Accreditation Commission.  As an AdvancEd accredited institution, Orion High School receives automatic Texas approval.  The Texas Private Schools Accreditation Commission (TEPSAC) was formerly a department of the Texas Education Agency.  Through legislative action, TEPSAC serves as the approval commission for Private Schools in Texas, once those private schools receive accreditation.  TEPSAC accreditation provides for seamless transition between Orion and public schools in Texas.  Orion High School's identifier number through TPSAC is 165-181-001.  That identifier is utilized for records (transcripts) transitions between schools in Texas.  To locate Orion on the TPSAC site, click here.



Orion High School is a candidate for accreditation with the Association of Christian Teachers and Schools and the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Elementary and Secondary Schools.  Under this candidacy, Orion is seeking accreditation for Kindergarten-Twelfth Grades and Adult Learners.

Orion High School is a member of the Association of Christian Teachers and Schools (ACTS) as of March 23, 2017. The Association of Christian Teachers and Schools is a non-profit organization that strives to set new standards of Christ-centered academic excellence while assisting Christian schools to realize the highest level of educational credibility. 

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College Board

Orion High School's Advanced Placement Courses are approved by the College Board through the yearly approval process.  Approved courses are listed under Orion High School's (444731) course ledger, found on the College Board website.  Orion's approved course ledger for 2016-2017 includes:  AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Language and Composition, AP English Literature and Composition, AP Human Geography, and AP Statistics.

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Our Team

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