In K-5, Orion provides the home schooling parent with monthly lessons for reading/language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies.  Along with the workbooks and teacher editions, Orion provides access to record keeping, for the parent, and provides additional digital learning supports for the learner, when applicable.

Orion has created the curriculum aligned to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills.  Because of that, Orion provides the record keeping for parents to be able to transition children to and from public schooling in a seamless manner.  Those records are kept by Orion, and when needed are transferred to the parent, or directly to the public school.  Students do not have to transition, and may simply stay and transition to Orion's 6-8.

Lessons consist of 160-180 days, to coincide with the traditional calendar; however, parents may opt to condense and/or extend the lessons when applicable.


The structure of K-5 is in lessons aligned to the TEKS.  Children and parents are provided with the digital lessons, and then complete an accompanying workbook and/or journal for each lesson.  Workbooks are submitted in the digital classroom or workbooks may be required to be submitted.


Here is a sample third grade science lesson about plant and animal cells.  You will need to enter orion as the password to view the lesson.

Accreditation Information

K-5 is accredited by the Association of Christian Teachers and Schools!

Weekly Meetings

Parents who are providing the home schooling instruction, will utilize Orion's curriculum that is age appropriate for each grade level.  Weekly instructional planning sessions are held with and Orion certified teacher, who will provide the guidance needed for the parent to be able to complete the week's activities.


There is a tuition discount if you apply before September 15!  See below!

K-5 Monthly Tuition

every Month for 10 Months and a $100.00 Sign-up fee