Economics/Economics 2103

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Name and Address of the School Where Your Transcript Will Be Sent (Home School Name for Home School):

Economics 2103 will receive high school Economics Credit as well as college credit for one of the three universities.

If you are taking Economics as a credit transfer course - that is, you are taking it to transfer to your public high school or your home school, or other private school, you will also want to place the name and address of that school below.  The high school transcript will have the high school course, "Economics" listed on the transcript.  You will receive a separate college transcript from the university below.

All dual credit learners will complete Orion High School's Orientation as well as completing an in-course orientation for the dual credit course.

Dual credit courses at Orion follow the exact same start dates and end dates as all other Orion courses.  They start at the 1st day of the month following completion of Orientation, and they finish at the last day of the second month.  Be mindful that we cannot allow late or early starts - all starts are on time, on the 1st day of the month.  If Orientation is not completed, you cannot start.

Orion Credit  University Name University Credit Name
Economics McMurray ECON 2320:  Principles of Microeconomics
  University of St. Katherine Eco 110 Microeconomics
  Jacksonville University ECON 202:  Principles of Microeconomics