AP United States History Course

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This course will survey the history of the United States of America from approximately 1492 to modern times:  from the “discovery” and settlement of the New World to the very recent past.  The primary focus of the course will be to provide learners with an opportunity to develop an understanding of some of the major themes in American history, to train learners to analyze historical evidence, and to develop in learners the ability to analyze and express historical understanding in writing. AP US History will provide you with an opportunity to further develop your skills of critical thinking, and writing. In addition, this course seeks to prepare learners to successfully complete the AP US History examination.

This course will emphasize certain themes:  political institutions and behavior and public policy, social and economic change, diplomacy and international relations, and cultural and intellectual developments.  The course is divided into nine modules, which coincide to the 9 Historical Periods within which AP United States History is divided.