AP English Literature and Composition Course

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Course Goals:

  • To learn to think more clearly, to speak and write more effectively, and to listen and read with great understanding.
  • To read some of the most accomplished literary works and understand the period in which they were created.
  • To encourage a delight of literature that is aesthetically, socially and personally appropriate.
  • To engage in critical reading, discussion and written analysis of literature with attention to language, structure, meaning, clarity of thinking, and value.
  • To appreciate a variety of texts and genres from many cultures and time periods.
  • To develop the ability to write in various forms, including the critical analysis of literature and a senior research paper, which is a requirement for graduation.
  • To enhance understanding of the relationship of literature with other forms of art and increase interpretive ability.
  • To improve vocabulary.
  • To review literary and usage terms.
  • To improve speaking skills through class presentations, discussions, and debates.

Course Information:

This course is designed to comply with the curricular requirements described in the AP English Course Description.
Literature: Learners will read selections of fiction, poetry, and drama written primarily by American and British authors. In addition, students will choose novels from the AP suggested reading list.