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Testing Information

Here you will find information about Advanced Placement Exams, the ACT and SAT exams, and Credit by Examination. For specific questions not answered in this article, you should contact your adviser.

Advanced Placement Exams

Orion High School learners interested in taking an AP exam should first review this information, then also visit the College Board's website for AP Exams for more in-depth information.

  Morning (8 am) Afternoon (12 pm)
  • Chemistry
  • Environmental Science
  • Psychology
  • Calculus AB
  • Calculus BC
  • Chinese Language & Culture
  • English Literature & Composition
  • Japanese Language & Culture
  • Physics 1: Algebra-Based
  • Computer Science A
  • Spanish Language & Culture
  • Art History
  • Physics 2: Algebra-Based
  • German Language & Culture
  • United States History
  • European History
  • Biology
  • Music Theory
  • Physics C: Mechanics
  • Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism  (2:00 pm)
  • United States Government & Politics
  • French Language & Culture
  • Spanish Literature & Culture
  • English Language & Composition
  • Statistics
  • Comparative Government & Politics
  • World History
  • Italian Language & Culture
  • Macroeconomics
  • Human Geography
  • Microeconomics
  • Latin

More information about testing dates can be found here.


Orion High School recommends that learners take the SAT/ACT during their junior or early senior courses. Learners must register themselves for the SAT/ACT and select a local high school to take the exam. A calendar for the ACT can be found here, and a calendar for the SAT can be found here.

Credit by Examinantion

Students who transfer from another school where credit was not earned, may take Credit by Examination at Orion High School. Students who fall into this allowable policy may have earned ½ credit at their sending school, or may have been denied credit (but passed the course), due to local attendance policies. Credit by Examination at Orion High School may ONLY occur at the end of the learner’s senior year at Orion. For example, if a learner comes to Orion with ½ credit in Geometry, and the learner wants to opt for Credit by Examination, the learner may continue on to Algebra II (or another math course), because he will not be eligible for credit by examination until the end of the senior year.

Once admitted to complete by examination, the examination may be taken once. Ample time is provided to study the course modules, in order to be prepared for the examination. Examinations are proctored by Orion High School, and must be taken during a specified time.

Orion High School requires 26* credits for graduation. Orion’s policy is that credit by examination may only be used for a total of 3 credits maximum.

Students who transfer to Orion High School from any school whose accreditation has been terminated, may complete the requirements at Orion High School. Orion High School’s 26* credits must be met. If the student already has 24 credits, then Orion’s policy is that the prospective student must complete six courses at Orion in order to qualify for an Orion High School diploma. (Diploma Eligibility)

Two credits may be earned by examination, and two must be earned through Orion’s ‘regular’ route. The cost for students transferring in to Orion High School in this situation would be:

Scenario 1

Scenario 2

2 credits by examination ($100.00)

2 courses ($450.00)

Total: $550.00

Discounts are available for military

4 courses

Total: $1000.00

Discounts are available for military

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