Four Year Universities in Texas and Other States

Learners in Texas

 Under the Automatic Admission policy (Texas Education Code §51.803), Texas students may be eligible for automatic admission to a state college or university as an undergraduate student if they meet certain criteria. To qualify for automatic admission, a student must:

  • earn a grade point average in the top 10 percent* of his/her high school graduating class,
  • graduate from a Texas public or private high school (Orion High School is classified as an accredited private school
  • successfully complete the requirements for the Recommended High School Program (RHSP) or the Distinguished Achievement Program (DAP) (or the equivalent if enrolled in private school).  Orion High School's Graduation Plan - 26 credits - qualifies as an equivalent plan to the RHSP or the DAP (graduates Orion with Distinguished Achievement);
  • or satisfy ACT's College Readiness Benchmarks on the ACT college entrance exam or earn a score of at least 1,500 out of 2,400 on the SAT college entrance exam, and
  • apply for admission to a state college or university within the first two school years after graduation from high school.

Students who meet the criteria for automatic admission must submit an application before the deadline set by the college or university to which they are applying. Students must also provide a high school transcript or diploma that indicates whether they have satisfied or are on schedule to satisfy Orion High School's 26 credit requirements.

Curriculum Requirements

Not later than the end of a student’s junior year in high school, his or her official transcript should indicate whether the student has satisfied or is on schedule to satisfy the requirements for the Orion High School 26 credit graduation plan.

Admission and Enrollment

State colleges and universities may admit a student accepted under the Automatic Admission policy for either the fall semester of the academic year for which the student applied or for the summer session that precedes that fall semester. Additionally, the admitting college or university may require that applicants in need of additional preparation for college-level work enroll in enrichment courses or programs during the summer immediately after the student is admitted. Colleges and universities are required to admit an applicant as an undergraduate student if the applicant is the child of a public servant who was killed or fatally injured in the line of duty and who meets the minimum entrance requirements set by the college or university.


*The University of Texas at Austin

Beginning with admissions for the 2011-2012 school year, The University of Texas at Austin (UT) is no longer required to automatically admit applicants in excess of 75% of its enrollment capacity for first-time resident undergraduate students. Should the number of applicants who qualify for automatic admission exceed 75% of enrollment capacity, UT shall provide notice of the percentage of qualified applicants that are anticipated to be offered admission. For the 2011-2012 academic year, UT has determined that it will automatically admit all eligible applicants who rank within the top 8% of their high school graduating classes. For the 2012- 2013 academic year, UT has determined that it will automatically admit all eligible applicants who rank within the top 9% of their graduating classes. Please note that students admitted to UT under the Automatic Admission policy will be required to complete at least 6 semester credit hours during evening or other low-demand hours in order to ensure the efficient use of available classrooms.

Other University Requirements (Other States)

In a recent study of other state requirements students graduating with Orion High School's 26 credits meet the criteria for undergraduate admission; however, learners should visit with admissions officials at those colleges and universities to learn about specific requirements those schools have for undergraduate admissions. For example, Penn State requires students to be admitted if they have met a high school graduation requirement similar (fewer credits) to Orion High School's 26 credit requirement.

You may call Dr.Gallegos if you have questions or need assistance with automatic admission.

Community Colleges (Public)

Typically, learners who graduated from an accredited high school are admitted to public community colleges in Texas and in other states.  The following is sourced from Dallas Community College:

You may apply as a beginning freshman if you meet one of these standards:

  • You are a graduate of an accredited high school.

Private technical schools

Private (for profit) Technical Schools that train students for certificate programs such as cosmetology, medical assistant, etc. may admit students based on their own requirements, and the requirements set forth by their own accrediting agencies, as well as the Department of Education's guidelines for awarding of financial aid.  Students desiring entrance into these private school programs should consult with the particular school regarding their requirements.

While many of these schools offer good programs for students, we highly recommend that students seeking a certificate program should first consult with an accredited public institution such as a local community college to see what the local community college's options are for such programs.  Orion High School does not endorse or otherwise support entrance into private schools such as these (we leave the choices up to our learner-graduates) - Orion High School prepares students for entrance into four year universities and/or two year community colleges that recognize the stipulations listed above under entrance requirements.

Ready to Apply?

If you are applying to a public two year college or four year public university in Texas, Orion High School requires you to apply through Apply Texas.  Once you apply, the application will create a transcript request for us to send your transcripts.  Do NOT hand carry any official records to public institutions, all must be requested through Apply Texas.  Create a user name and password at Apply Texas, and follow all instructions for applying (including listing Orion High School as your high school of graduation!).

Click here to enter Apply Texas (you will be taken to that website)

Other learners should utilize the Common Application if applying for other State institutions.

Click here to go to the Common Application (you will be taken to that website)




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