Learner Center

Resources for Learners

Learners can manage their tuitionsubmit forms, and review their graduation planner from the learner center. 

Forms in the Learner Center

Do you need to request an extension for one or both of your courses? You must complete the Extension Request form between the 1st and 20th of your second month in the course. Early and late extension requests may be denied.

Are you enrolled in the second month of the Senior Project? It's time for you to complete the Graduation Request form! You should complete this form during the last month of your Senior Project course to ensure your graduation materials are mailed the following month.

Do you need to request a transcript to be sent to you or a college/university? You can complete the Transcript Request Form and we will mail an official transcript to the address you designate. If you are withdrawing or graduating from Orion High School, you should complete either the Withdrawal Form or the Graduation Request form.

Are you withdrawing from Orion High School and enrolling at another public or private school? You will need to complete the the Withdrawal Form in order for your records to be released to your new school.

Do you need to drop a course? If you need to drop a course that you are currently enrolled in, you need to complete the Course Drop Form.

Tuition Center

In the tuition center new learners can create their initial tuition order and current learners can pay their monthly tuition invoice or re-order their annual tuition.

Technial Support

If you're having trouble with content within a module, please contact your mentor first! Sometimes content within a module may not display correctly or not at all. If you're able to access other content within a module, you should first contact your mentor. They may need to request for the module to be updated or edited to remove content that is no longer available. If your mentor verifies that the content should display, then you should call us at 877-647-1337.

If you're having trouble accessing modules, your course or parts of your course, the classroom center, etc., please contact us at 877-647-1337. You will need to download the technical support application and be prepared for remote access. 


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Please contact us at (877) 647-1337 if you are unable to login and have tried to recover your account.