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    Dear Applicant:

    Welcome to Orion High School. Orion is the Nation's highest quality, lowest cost private school. Our graduates enter the work force, military, two and four year colleges and universities ready to make an impact in their own lives and in the lives of others. Orion has a higher than 92% college going rate - that's higher than most brick and mortar institutions.

    Orion is also an accredited high school. Orion's accreditation is by the Association of Christian teaches and Schools and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools/Council on Accreditation and School Improvement. Because accreditation is a voluntary process, Orion stands high above most others in both seeking out regional accreditation and in being the first fully online high school with headquarters in Texas, to be fully accredited by a regional agency. Orion's accreditation goes well beyond the American border, though; our learners who are located in Europe and other countries enjoy graduating from a quality high school that strives to exceed their needs - and Orion succeeds in that endeavor!

    What makes Orion different, other than accreditation and price? Orion's mentors make the difference. Just ask any other learner who has been at Orion longer than a week - Orion's mentors truly mentor for learning and, more importantly, success! Orion's accreditation team touted Orion's mentors as the one thing that makes Orion a great institution! You have certainly come to the right place! Quick next steps for you:

    • Create a user name and password, if you haven't done that already, and log in;

    • Access the learner center, tuition area, and follow the prompts there to make your tuition payment

    Orion will acquire your transcripts (if applicable), and will let you know which course or courses to take for graduation.

    You will be placed into Orientation/Demonstration.  Once you complete that, you will start your first course!

    Don't worry about printing this page, if you don't have time to do all these things right  now!  We have sent you an email with the next steps outlined one-by-one for you.  Again, welcome to Orion!  We are glad you're here!


    Joseph Gallegos, Phd
    CEO/Founder - Orion Online Learning, Inc.
    877-647-1337 Extension 701