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Credit Transfer Course Enrollment

Ready to enroll in a credit transfer course?  Apply below.  Credit transfer courses are offered for advancement, recovery, or Advanced Placement!

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CCHS Enrollment

If you're from Camden County High School, please complete this admission application.

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Full-Time Admissions

If you're ready to enroll as a full-time learner in grade 6-12 or as an adult, please complete this admission application.

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Admissions at Orion High School

We understand that you are in the process of making an important decision either for your or you child's education. We do not take it lightly that you are taking the time to visit our site, and have pulled together all the useful resources you need to make an informed decision about our school. If you are unable to find a piece of information, please do not hesitate to contact us for a prompt response. 

First, we invite you to review our accreditations. It is not only important to know a school is accredited, but to know by who and what values those accreditations hold. We are accredited by AdvancED and recognized by the Texas Private School Accreditation Commission. More in-depth information, including a link to our information in AdvancED's and TEPSAC's directories can be found in the accreditations page. 

Second, we invite you to learn more about the requirements for each grade level and the various programs we offer. Orion High School provides full-time enrollment for 6-12 and adults, credit-transfer and credit-recovery programs, as well as a pharmacy technician program and driver training. If you are seeking to enroll at Orion High School for full-time enrollment, more information can be found here for grades 6-8 and here for grades 9-12. If you are considering taking courses to transfer back to your current school, you can learn about credit-transfer here, and we encourage you to view the course catalog. If you are 18 years-old or older, and are a high school dropout, please look at our information at 6-12 and Adults.

All prospective, current, and former learners are encouraged to view the Orion Learner Handbook for detailed information about policies and expectations of Orion's community. The FAQs are also useful, and serve as a abridged version of the Orion Learner Handbook. These two resources are adhered to by all learners of Orion.

Finally, we welcome you to apply for admission. Links to the correct admissions can be found on the left-hand menu. For questions or issues encountered with the application, please contact us for prompt support at 877-647-1337.

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