Request for Official Records

Request for Official Records

Note: Private/Technical Schools and/or Verification Agencies- DO NOT use this form

Please fill out and submit this official records request. Make sure that the address provided is correct, before submitting the Transcript Request Form. If you are currently married, please be sure to provide your maiden name/or the last name that was used at the time you were enrolled at Orion High School.

All official records are mailed according to your specifications below. The default is regular USPS mail, first class service.

If you are requesting a transcript for the NCAA Eligibility Center, please use this form as well, then go to the Eligibility Center and request that we submit an online transcript there. We will match this request to the one submitted online in the Eligibility Center, and then we will upload your official transcript.

Records that are requested to be sent to you, the learner, directly, will be sent with a student copy stamp on the transcript. Do not hand deliver Orion High School Transcripts to Colleges or Universities - we will do that via this form.

If you are enrolling, or have enrolled, in a private college, technical school, or university, do not use this form. The school must use the designated form.

Refunds will not be processed for wrong forms, wrong address, or non-students