Orion High School's Accreditations, Recognitions, & Memberships

  • Advance Education - Orion is accredited by Advanced Education.  Advanced Education, or AdvancEd, is the parent company of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement.  Through AdvancEd, Orion is accredited by the Southern Association, regionally, and Internationally, directly through AdvancEd.  Some of the advantages of this type of recognized accreditation include financial aid for graduates; a seamless entry into accredited colleges and universities world-wide; seamless transition to other schools world-wide; and the advantage of having curriculum and internal processes approved through the standards of accreditation.  For more information about accreditation in general, see the AdvancEd site.  To locate Orion High School on the International Registry of Accredited Schools, click here.

  • Texas Private Schools Accreditation Commission - Orion is accredited by the Texas Private Schools Accreditation Commission.  As an AdvancEd accredited institution, Orion High School receives automatic Texas approval.  The Texas Private Schools Accreditation Commission (TPSAC) was formerly a department of the Texas Education Agency.  Through legislative action, TPSAC serves as the approval commission for Private Schools in Texas, once those private schools receive accreditation.  TPSAC accreditation provides for seamless transition between Orion and public schools in Texas.  Orion High School's identifier number through TPSAC is 165-181-001.  That identifier is utilized for records (transcripts) transitions between schools in Texas.  To locate Orion on the TPSAC site, click here.

  • Orion High School is an iNacol member institution.  iNacol is dedicated to high quality online learning (among other platforms).  "Today, iNACOL drives the transformation toward student-centered, next generation learning for K-12 education. As a membership organization, iNACOL supports a diverse community of practitioners and educators. We maximize our support for these education innovators by remaining on the cutting edge of the field, leveraging opportunities and constantly evolving. As an independent, non-partisan and passionate organization, we remain true to our mission and advance the work of practitioners and public policymakers.

  • The College Board - Orion High School's Advanced Placement Courses are approved by the College Board.  Orion High School has completed the rigorous AP Course Audit Process, and has approved AP Courses.  To view the approved AP Courses, visit the College Board, and enter 444731 into the Course Ledger Page.