Introducing the SAT Seminar Course

For over ten years, Orion High School has provided the highest quality digital learning anywhere in the country.  As part of our brand, we have always insisted on mentoring one-on-one!  Our learner-graduates excel in colleges and universities across the United States and around the World.  As part of our commitment to them, while they were here, we provided them one-on-one mentoring, along with challenging proprietary curriculum, built on solid standards for learning that have been an integral part of college and career preparation for the past 30 years in accountability systems.

Over that same time span, Orion High School's students consistently out perform their State and National peers on the SAT and ACT.  See our dashboard for additional information about high performance. 

Orion High School is introducing the new SAT Seminar Course.  We are engaging this course in a different way than we usually have!  For SAT Seminar, we are going to provide the learner with 9 live sessions as part of their SAT preparation with us.  Under the guidance of Mr. Paul Kraack (Reading and Writing), and Dr. Joseph Gallegos (Mathematics), we will lead live seminars along with one-on-one coaching for participants.  The Seminar Course is a one month course, that includes 9 live sessions.  Participants may only do the seminars but not the one-on-one sessions.  The Seminars will provide lessons, feedback, question and answer, and diagnostics for the participants.  The coaching sessions will be individualized to fit the needs of each learner in reading and or mathematics (based on Seminar results).

The Seminar will be offered during these months:

OHS Seminar Date SAT Test Date
September 1-30, 2018 October 6
October 1-30, 2018 November 3
November 1-30, 2018 December 1
February 1-28, 2019 March 9
April 1-30, 2019 May 4
May 1-30, 2019 June 1

The Seminar is structured to allowed learners classroom time with a certified teacher.  Those are scheduled throughout the month.  During non-live times, however, learners may access content, diagnostic assessments, and will be provided with structured asynchronous activities to complete in preparation for the seminars.  Some of the seminars are recorded, and are provided for learners unable to attend the live event.

All live events are scheduled during the Introductory Seminar,  to allow participants for input into best times.  The Course is structured to also allow for one-on-one coaching of some learners.  Coaching sessions are a maximum of 45 minutes per session, and are intended to provide some one-on-one time with the teacher.


Coaching one one one is offered for an additional fee.  Students who pay that fee may participate in one-on-one coaching sessions with the teacher.  There are a maximum of 3 sessions offered, and each session will be scheduled by the teacher. 

Here are the Session Topics:

Seminar 1 - Introduction to the SAT, and Planning for the Session

Seminar 2 -SAT Reading Part 1

Seminar 3 - SAT Reading Part 2

Seminar 4 - Reading Test and Reading Wrap Up

Seminar 5 - Writing and Language Test and Wrap Up

Seminar 6 - SAT Math - Heart of Algebra

Seminar 7 - SAT Math - Problem Solving and Data Analysis

Seminar 8 - SAT Math - Passport to Advanced Math

Seminar 9 - Wrap Up


All live sessions as well as coaching sessions are held on Join.Me.  The App may be downloaded directly from the specific App Store or from - additional information is found in the course module.

Steps To Follow

The first step is to make the tuition payment for the course.  As part of the check out process, you will create a user account.  When that process is finished, you will be logged in.  Next, click Go to Class, where you will enter into the Classroom Center. The last step is to click on Course Catalogue, where you will then locate the SAT Course, and request to enroll in it.  The course will open on September 1.




SAT Seminar Course - Seminars Only

for 2 Months

SAT Seminar Course Seminars and Individual Coaching

for 2 Months