During this time of need, when students may be out of school, learning may continue.  We are pleased to offer some free learning opportunities for students to keep them learning throughout these next few weeks.  First, without the generous partnerships from our friends at Rosetta Stone Education, and our friends at Tumble Books, we would not be able to continue our stewardship in helping others in their learning.  The resources below are free, but please pay attention to the Languages Learning resource, because that will require you to follow our procedures for enrollment.

Tumble Library

We have made available our Tumble Library, that can be accessed on your mobile devices, or online library consists of books, novels, videos, language learning opportunities, puzzles, games, and many many other tools. Thank you to our partners at Tumble Books (out of Canada), who have allowed us to make public our license through them.  To access our digital library, please click the button below:

Tumble Book Library

We have also made available our Tumble Math Library, where students cam continue their math learning in a fun way.  This resource can be accessed by clicking the button below:

Tumble Math

Please note:  If the link is requiring to log in, for Tumble Book Library, use:  Username: tumble735 and Password: books

Please note:  If the link is requiring you to log in for Tumble Math, use:  Username: tumble2020 Password: A3b5c6

Teen Book Cloud is for learners who are in upper elementary to middle school, and Audio Cloud for audio books.

Teen Book Cloud

Audio Book Cloud

High School Credit for Foreign Language-Texas and New Mexico Students Only

If you are in high school, and you reside in Texas or New Mexico, and you would like to earn 1 credit in any Foreign Language, you may do so through Orion High School.  High school students in other states may be considered, after Texas students.   The following are the requirements for this offer:

  1. You must be currently enrolled in another school, and that school must be currently closed in order for you to participate in this offer.
  2. You must be in high school, and must have have a need to earn high school credit toward your graduation requirements;
  3. You must be able to effectively use your microphone and computer to log in daily to complete your course;
  4. You must follow our procedures for enrolling into what is called Credit Transfer Course.  A credit transfer course is a course that is taken at our school, and upon completion, that course/credit will be transferred to your home campus as an official credit toward your graduation requirements.
  5. You must complete Orientation online at our school, prior to April 1, and the course will begin as soon as you complete Orientation;
  6. You must complete the course by the May 30, 2020 - no later - no extensions;

If you meet the criteria, and would like to take any of our World Languages courses for high school credit (for Example- Spanish 1, or Spanish 2; German 1 or German 2, etc), you will click the button that is below.  You will follow the procedures for credit transfer.  You will 'view cart' and enter the Coupon Code:  OrionWL2020 when you check out, which will bring your total to 0.00 .  When you check out, you will create your user name and password, and complete the checkout process. 

This offer is free, and it is only for high school students, first come first served.  Dr. Gallegos will call you to ensure you meet the criteria for entry.    This offer is to the first 100 students who enroll to do this, with preference given to Texas students (because of ease of credit transfer).  Remember, this free offer is for Foreign Languages only.

Thank you to our partners at Rosetta Stone for assisting us with this generous offer, and thank you.

Click Here to Go to the Credit Transfer Store

All Others - Learn Foreign Language for Fun!

If you are in elementary,  middle, or high school, and you just want to learn a new language, we will set it up for you.  Please fill out and submit the form below to get started: