Is A Digital School the Best Place for You

Orion High School has created the Orion High School Digital Learning Readiness Survey, or DLRS.  The DLRS is not a test, it is a personal survey designed to help potential learners identify their skills - those skills that are necessary for success in a digital school such as ours.  Digital learning is a great avenue for learning; however, learners must have certain personal skills necessary for success.  One of the most important skills that learners must have (among others), is the ability to be self-motivated and self-disciplined, in order to meet success in the digital classroom.  Orion High School's courses are all engaging courses but require learners to spend time in study, communication, and in assessment.


The Classroom Center is the location where learners (students) and mentors (teachers) interact with one another and with the digital content (the learning material).  In addition to being able to manage your computer or laptop, it is also important to understand how digital learning works, as well as the time commitments that are necessary in order to be a successful digital learner.  As you know,  it's one thing to be able to turn on the computer, and to be able to manage the computer (viruses, software updates, etc.), it is also important to be able to use the computer as the means by which you gain learning, and aim toward your goal of high school graduation.  To that end, we have developed a survey that will inform  you about the very important financial decision that you are about to make - that of enrolling and paying tuition in a digital school.  Our intent is not to discourage you about enrolling; on the contrary, the survey is intended to help you make an informed decision about the skills and time that is needed to be able to strive in a digital school like ours.  Step 0 of our process is to have you take the Digital Learning Readiness Survey (DLRS).

Please take our DLRS before making the commitment to filling out the Admissions Application - it will really help you understand your skills and will help you make a better informed decision!

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