Hurry Up and Graduate Already!

We often get new applicants who have been in and around education for quite some time - those are applicants that 'drop in' - or back in to school, as it were.  In so many cases, these new learners have never had an opportunity to learn in a digital environment, so that part of the adventure is really fun and exciting for them.  After mid-first course, the learners have either done one of three things:  they have great schedule about them, and are doing fine; they are far behind already, and don't know how to catch up; or they have hurried so fast through their first modules, that their assignments are low quality at best.

Inevitably, we get learners who want to hurry up and graduate.  Sometimes they equate digital learning to being simple/easy and certainly something that can be done fast.  We blame the multiple-choice-sit-in-front-of-a-computer-until-you-pass-the-test generation.  That phenomenon has been brought to us by our public schools who have no other recourse for credit recovery, but to put students in front of multiple-choice machines where the goal is to beat the test.  By the time we get the students, they think that's the game, and that the game should be over quickly, or 'frustration' sets in.

I don't know about other digital schools, but at this one, we value one on one relationships with our learners.  We think that creating a product tells us more about you than you selecting a, b, c, d, none of the above.  We think your inherent value is in becoming a productive member of our community, and then the larger community ahead.

We've all heard that patience is a virtue; that good things come to those who wait; that something earned, is better than something handed to you.  I invite you to enjoy the ride.  As my furry friend Zoey teaches me- patience yields rewards - she knows that, and has learned it early.  Let's be like Zoey, and understand that something for which we are patient is something that we will treasure in the long run.

Patience Always...

The average time that a learner entering 9th grade, takes to graduate high school at this school, is two years.  Hard work, dedication, patience, and mostly persistence.  It can be done.  

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Wednesday, 21 August 2019