Big Benefits with Mobility

With the start of the new school year at Orion High School, we have integrated mobility at 100%.  What does that mean?  It means that all content is responsive to mobile devices - and that students can do everything via the mobile device; however, we do caution that just because something can be done on a device, doesn't mean it should.  Things that can be done:  posting to discussion; posting in the Community; studying; viewing learning modules and videos; What shouldn't be done:  Essays and viewing of some labs that require flash.  Everything else - yes!

Orion High School's proprietary content has allowed us to move toward 100% mobility in the past few years; however, we create new content at an average of 1 new course per month and 2 revised courses per month, we are constantly updating courses and how we do business!

100% Mobile

100% mobile access all the time!  

Hurry Up and Graduate Already!


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Wednesday, 21 August 2019