For 6-12 and Adults

Orion High Schools is a single-digital-campus school serving students in grades 6-Adult.  Learn more about the requirements for each grade level, on the right!

For Homeschoolers

Orion can custom create course content for homeschool programs to assist parents ensure their child is delivered a wholesome education. A consultation must be scheduled with Dr. Gallegos by calling 877-647-1337.

For Schools & Districts

Orion can significantly reduce your costs for credit-recovery and drop-out recovery programs at your school/district. We can train and hire your educators, or you can use our certified educators. Additional information can be obtained from Dr. Gallegos at 877-647-1337.

For Adults (18+)

Orion offers a significantly reduced tuition program in a supportive self-study environment for adults 18 years of age or older who did not obtain a high school diploma for any reason including parenthood, family obligations, failure of state standardized testing, and more.