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Credit Transfer or Summer School At Orion High School

Courses May Be Taken Any Time or During the Summer

Orion High School is a member of the Texas Records Exchange.  For Texas students taking Credit Transfer Courses, that means that the course credit/transcript is automatically sent by Orion High School, directly to the home campus through the Texas Records Exchange. All students should ensure that their school counselor has approved their courses and to expect a receipt of records at the end of the term.

Orion High School offers all of our courses for credit at 1/2 credit or full credit.  While Summer School has a schedule, students may take credit recovery courses any time, they don't have to wait for summer school!  For 2018, here are the Summer Sessions Offered:

Summer 2018 Sessions

There are four summer sessions at Orion High School that span across May, June, July, and August. The dates for each session are as follows:

 Session   Dates   Enrollment Deadline   Orientation Deadline 
 May Session    May 1, 2018 - June 30, 2018  April 30, 2018  May 5, 2018
 June Session   June 1, 2018 - July 31, 2018  May 31, 2018  June 9, 2018
 July Session   July 1, 2018 - August 31, 2018  June 30, 2018  July 7, 2018
 August Session   August 1, 2018 - September 30, 2018  July 31, 2018  August 7, 2018


Tuition & Fees

Individual courses are charged at a per course tuition rate as follows (these prices include credit recovery courses):

 Course Type   Tuition 
 Full-Credit Course   $300 
 Half-Credit Course  $225
Honors Courses (Full Credit) $400
 Advanced Placement Course   $500

All courses start on the 1st day of the month, and end on the last day of the second month.

Refund Policy

Orion High School acknowledges that online learning is not for everyone and that there are cases when a student may wish to withdraw from a course. Orion High School offers a full refund if the course is dropped within 10 days of the course starting.

Credit Recovery Courses

Credit Recovery courses ("CR courses") allow students the ability to earn credit for a course they previously attempted but did not earn credit for. Here are two possible scenarios where CR courses would be useful:

Norma is a competitive beatboxer and spends a lot of time out of school for competitions. Recently, her school sent her parent's a letter saying that she missed too many days of school this year and cannot earn credit for any of her courses although Norma has all A's. 

In this case, Norma could take up to two CR courses a session during the summer at Orion High School and earn up to 6 credits before school starts in August. 

Joe's family planned a vacation in Las Vegas and it is too late to cancel the trip. A week before the trip, Joe's grandmother received Joe's final report card in the mail and learned he failed English III, Algebra II, and Art I. Joe's grandmother doesn't know what to do, because Joe's schedule for next year is already created and he needs these courses to graduate. 

In this case, Joe could take English III in the June Session, Algebra II in July Session, and Art I in the August Session during the summer at Orion High School and earn these credits for the upcoming school year. 

Core, Elective, and AP® Courses

Orion's Course Catalog includes core, elective, and Advanced Placement® ("AP®") courses that can be completed in as little as one month during the summer at Orion High School. Here are two possible scenarios where these courses would be useful:

Jeanne recently moved from El Paso, Texas to Midland, Texas and learned that the school does not have Psychology that Jeanne wants to take for her Arts and Humanities Social Studies Endorsement. It is too late for Jeanne to pursue another endorsement, and Jeanne's new school requires and endorsement be earned for graduation to be able to walk the stage. 

In this case, Jeanne would be able to take Psychology at Orion High School during any summer session and would be able to earn her endorsement. 

Daniel's school offer's a local series of courses in aviation where students operate drones for various tasks. Daniel wants to free up next year's schedule so that he can take two of these courses rather than Geometry and English II.

In this case, Daniel could take Geometry in the June Session and English II in the July Session during the summer at Orion High School to earn these credits for the upcoming school year and be able to pursue his interest in aviation. 

Transferring Credit

Orion High School has worked with schools across the nation to transfer course credit for courses completed by students over the summer. As an accredited private school, Orion High School has access to the same electronic systems public schools use and codes courses to avoid confusion during the transfer. When a student enrolls for a summer session at Orion High School, we simply collect the information about the school they wish for us to send the credit to. When the course is completed, we enter the information onto a transcript and send the record to the student's school. If the school has any questions or concerns, our experienced staff will work with the school to ensure the credit is successfully transferred and applied. 

Although we are an accredited private school and align our courses to rigorous standards, schools may sometimes not understand summer coursework completed at other schools. We strongly suggest you speak to your counselor before you commit to taking any online courses with any school or program.