The Planning Process and Ways to Achieve Credit

Orion High School's learners participate in a month-long Orientation and Induction Course.  During Module 3 of that course, learners participate in a Graduation Planning meeting with an adviser.  The adviser creates an individualized graduation plan for each learner, and that plan may be updated  as learners progress through Orion High School, and toward the 26 credits.  Course requirements require time an diligence on the learner's part.

Honors Courses

Orion High School's Honors designated courses require learners to create products for their courses modules, that they present to the mentor.  In Honors Courses, learners are required to present course products, tasks, presentations, projects, to the mentor, and to go above and beyond the minimum expectations.  Honors designated courses are intended for learners who are self-directed, independent, creative, and who can commit the time to meeting with the mentor on a weekly basis.  Honors courses carry a weighted grade, thereby allowing learners who are interested in the challenge, to earn a higher weighted grade than in other courses.  Honors Courses are designated with an (H) in the course title.  Learners may select Honors Courses after consulting with the Adviser.

Advanced Placement

Orion High School participates in the course approval process through the Advanced Placement College Board.  AP designated courses are approved yearly by the College Board, and appear in the Orion High School Course Catalog upon approval.  Please note that not all AP Courses are approved each year.  AP Courses may not be taken in conjunction with other courses at Orion.  Approval of the Adviser is necessary before a learner may request an AP Course.

Credit Recovery

Learners may take credit recovery courses upon approval from the Adviser.  Prior instruction is a pre-requisite before a learner may take a credit recovery course.  Credit Recovery courses are designated with (CR), and are taken 1/2 credit at a time.  A CR course with a designation of "A" represent the first semester of the course, thereby receiving a 1/2 credit.  For example Biology A (CR) is first - semester Biology.  Learners seeking to register for Credit Recovery courses must have the permission of the adviser.

Credit by Examination

Learners may qualify to earn credit by examination, or CBE. CBE credit may be earned if a learner has been unsuccessful in passing a course and a CR course, and may only be used as a last option.  Consultation with the Adviser is required before attempting to register for CBE.

Independent Study

Independent Study courses are available for some learners who qualify.  Independent Study courses are designated as (IS), and, in most cases, will be the additional credit in courses.  Learners must consult with the Adviser before enrolling into an IS course.  IS courses require learners to study intently; to submit work for grading; and to take a final examination and/or to submit a final project for a course.    The following IS courses are typically available for learners:

  • Independent Study in English:  New Testament
  • Independent Study in English Hebrew Scriptures
  • Independent Study in Journalism
  • Independent Study in Speech
  • Independent Study in Mathematics
  • Independent Study in Technology Applications
  • Independent Study in Evolving/Emerging Technologies