General/Regular Pathway

The Minimum Pathway

Please note that prior permission must be obtained before filling out and submitting this application!  Applicant must have a conference with Dr. Gallegos and permission must be obtained to continue with this application.

The Minimum Pathway is a 22 credit requirement, for some qualifying learners at Orion High School.  Students who have dropped out of public school, may enter into the Minimum Pathway at Orion High School.  Current learners may opt into the 22 credit requirement, with parental and advising consent.  Adult learners entering back into high school may also opt into the 22 credit pathway.  Those opting into this Pathway must contact Dr. Gallegos before applying for and selecting this Path.

Limitations of this Pathway

This Pathway requires specific courses; however, learners graduating under this Pathway area advised they may not qualify for automatic admissions policies in Texas, and in some other states. 

General/Regular Pathway Grade Level Tuition

for 1 Year

Covers a grade level (6 courses/credits). Continues for 10 months of access.

General/Regular Pathway Monthly Tuition

every Month for 10 Months and a $100.00 Sign-up fee

Monthly tuition is automatically withdrawn from your card each month at the same time. The obligation is for 10 months, unless otherwise agree upon.